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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

School Makeover!

Exciting News!! As many of you may have seen, our school yard has received a beautiful makeover courtesy of the Boy Scout Troop 176.  Troop 176 raised over $800 and donated their time and talents to paint the playground wall blue, repaint and upgrade (with labels) the map of the U.S., repaint the kickball court, repaint and score official lines for the basketball courts, replace the nets, paint a 4 square court and provide a new basketball, a 4 square ball and sidewalk chalk to help our kids enjoy their favorite subject- recess! In the spring, we plan to continue our makeover by painting the Dobson School Emblem: James Dobson School- Home of the Dolphins, with a dolphin in the center along with a new underwater scene! If any parent or Dobson Family is interested in working on making this project happen, please let us know!!  Check out the before and afters!!!!

After/ Student Reactions!: